Configuration, working environment in Windows

I am working in Windows 7 operating system.
This is not correct for a developer.
But I’m not a developer, I’m a beginner Kirby user.
What are the options?

I use the best option for Windows - this is an openserver

Believe me, this is the best software product for solving our problems.
I’ve tried every possible option.

Let’s take the next step. Moving to Windows 10 and Docker?

What I read opens up new possibilities for noobs like me.

I am looking forward to New Year’s holidays (January 1-12) to switch to Windows 10.
This is the time when clients will not bother me because they will drink (drink hard).

What do we need?

I will try to create a working image for Debian,
and an environment by IDE PhpStorm
If you’ve done this, please share your experience. Give advice. Perhaps you have already prepared images.

Gaining experience, we will post information here.
Thanks friends!

I think there are already some Docker setups around, e.g.

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I tried to start working in Linux four times.
I really liked the Linux Mint distribution.

But besides the usual difficulties when switching to another system,
the lack of familiar Windows programs was a big problem for me
CorelDRAW, Illustrator, Cinema 4D, Archicad
Of course, there are some analogues in Linux,
but I’m too used to the interface of these programs and work very well in them.

I used Docker when it was still Docker Toolbox and was running in Windows 7.
When they released the new Docker for Window product, the minimum requirement was Windows 10.

On holidays, I will install and try.

I have the same problem, only Mac vs Linux. Some tools are just not available on Linux and where there are alternatives, they are often horrible, both design and usability wise.

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Mac ))
I’m from the proletariat.
The cost of the poppy as the price of my car Ford Kuga 1 (2011).
I smoke in silence on the sidelines ))

Those programs mentioned above (Cinema 4D, Archicad).

I used to make a website, but now I don’t support it.
I made the 3d image.
Well, the clouds too, of course, funny

The image is in 3D, the base is made in Archicad, then texturing and rendering in Cinema 4D.
Now there is a plugin in Cinema 4D for exporting to Babylon.js.

Now you can make cool interactive things.

I am now making a diagram of the movement of children according to the rules of the road.
When children go to kindergarten. The scheme is more for children than for parents.

From Proletarskaya Ulitsa, I guess :joy: (at least that sounds like proletariat, but hey, my Russian is non-existing)

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When i ask you a question, or answer a post, i see your smiling avatar.
So I know you have a sense of humor.
I love people who have a sense of humor!
Without humor, it is very difficult in our world.
And yes, the most cheerful people from Proletarskaya Street :upside_down_face:

And of course, what about without cats?
I have a cat at home named Snowball

Mark, do you know our Discord server? Good place to meet other Kirbyist, chat and post cat pictures :cat2:.

Cute one, yours!

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I’m also on Windows (10). I have a homestead server running for most sites.
When using docker I usually go for a webdevops/php-apache image.

# docker-compose.yml
version: '3.2'

    image: webdevops/php-apache:7.4
      - 8000:80
      WEB_DOCUMENT_ROOT: /app/public
      - .:/app:rw

Or if you want to run it without docker-compose:

docker run -d --name my-application-name -v ${PWD}:/app:rw -w /app --env WEB_DOCUMENT_ROOT=/app/public -p webdevops/php-apache:7.4

Yes, thanks. I forgot to mention homestead. I installed it. :+1:

Is it possible to create a bat file?
All this dancing in Windows PowerShell is exhausting.
I want to click on the shortcut and be able to go to the localhost.

This is a theoretical question. Just wondering if it’s possible to simplify the task.

What kind of scripts are you looking for exactly?
If you just want to open the browser in a .bat script or PowerShell you can use start http://localhost:8000.

Regarding other Software I use:
You should definitely install WSL2.
I can also recommend

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Thank you very much for the information.
I’ll install everything and try it.
I Will Tell you step by step what difficulties i encountered.
Thank you again.

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Good afternoon, Lucas.

I installed Windows 10. A couple of days suffered with the installation (MBR or GPT, UEFI or Legacy).
I did everything.
Hyper-V is running. everything is OK. Installed Docker (Docker Desktop). Installed and updated the WSL. Now WSL2.

Now I read the manuals. A nightmare. I’m confused about the different options.
When it comes to understanding, can I ask you a few questions to make it easier for me to understand the configuration?

Yes sure

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