Combining two simple queries in a blueprint

This is probably super easy, but I can’t figure it out, nor find a solution in the resources nor the forum.

How can I simply combine two queries into one in blueprints.

query: site.children.published
query: site.grandchildren.template("note").published

Do I need to create a Page Model, or is there an easier way?

You can query a collection where you merge the 2 query’s:

Collections: Collections | Kirby
(You can query a collection with query: kirby.collection('collectionname')

Merging collections: $pages->merge() | Kirby

Thanks a lot @samzzi
Since "notes" allready had a collection, this is how I worked it out:
query: kirby.collection("pages").add(kirby.collection("notes"))
Works like a charme, have a nice day :sun_with_face:

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The solution I have been looking for