Cleanup Script will not work

Today I tested the Cleanup Script, but without success. Is there any hint? I only get a white page, without any notices or warnings.

I’ll check.

If you just get a white page, there’s probably nothing to do… I should probably add an else Statement to print something if nothing is done.

Edit: I’ve just updated it, it now tells you that nothing was done when nothing was done.

Let me know if you still get a blank page after the change.

Now it works!! Seems there was a Bug before. Now I got several messages, some pages were updated, some not :slight_smile:

No, there was no bug, the collection was set to a files collection, not to a pages collection (you can use the script for both pages and files and have to set the $collection variable accordingly) and there was no output if there was nothing to update.

Ahh ok, I was wondering why the Collection goes to files, but thought it was cause we want to check the .txt. In this case it’s clear now. Thanks so much