Changes while you create a website

Hello together,

I actually work hard on my website and every day I learn something new. But now I’m at a point where I have where I need your opinions.

I have ideas how my website should look when it is ready but sometimes I see that some idea isn’t so good as I thought. Then I rethink and re-code a little or greater part of the site.

Do you have this point also at some of your projects? Is there sometimes a point to say : Ok, that’s not good. Let’s think about it again.

When this point is coming how do you solve this? Do you search after inspirations or what?



One of the guiding principles of web development is “launch early and iterate”. Your design will never be perfect, so don’t let that stop you from getting your site launched.

I have been tweaking my personal website for probably 5 years now, with the same core design. But once I changed the colour scheme, another time I adjusted the menu layout, and most recently I tweaked the typography.

It’s okay to think “that’s not good”. But also, remember to think to yourself, “that’s good enough”.