Changes in snippet code are ignored

Hello Kirby Guru’s,
Changes in the code of a snippet are not picked up by Kirby.

Variable value changes are completely ignored, or if I add some HTML comments to the snippet code they are not shown, just the old code is shown in the final HTML source. Other pages which use the same snippet are fine, just this one page persists in this ghostly behavior. Cache folder is empty. It is as if Kirby keeps using some old ‘compiled’ version for this particular page. I checked and double checked, the snippet is really loaded by the template. Locally the change is picked up, but not on the server. Enough to drive a man crazy, really.

How do you know the snippet is actually used on the remote server? Do you really have the exact same version on the server as locally?

Hi Texnixe

I checked both over and over again. The snippet is called by the template, I checked the source, local and server versions are absolutely identical. I don’t have any other snippets with remotely the same code, on top of that.

Well, my thinking was that maybe this particular page uses a different template where this snippet is not used but the template contains the same code as the snippet (e.g. if you had that code in your template, then moved it into a snippet and forgot to update this one template).

But if all is the same locally and remote, then I currently have no idea.

Maybe upload everything from local to remote again.