Cards or List to display a blog list with custom post types?

Hello again,

I actually make my blog page and I have to make a decission on which way I will go to display the different custom post types on the general blog page - not the article page itself.

1.) I thought about a card design with a image, the post title, date, category, a icon for the post type and a read more link. Then I could display three cards in a row or on smaller screens two or one in columns.

2.) The second way is to make a list which has an post type icon, the post title and a read more link.

What do you think? Or is there another way to think about?

So many ways… If your posts have images, I’d probably go for the image variant, with or without cards. Otherwise, rather a list. But as always, it depends on your target group.

You’re right. There will be many ways.

Actually I haven’t a screenshot but I think I will make something like this.

1.) I will think about which details I will show in the bloglist e.g. date, category, post title and so on.
2.) I must ask myself if there will be a image for each post or only for some of them.

And I think about a filter for post types and categories.