Can't use the panel - "The quota has been exceeded."

Hi everyone,

I can’t use the panel anymore to edit the website I’m working on localy.

Is there any limitation without buying a license ? I have to say that I don’t abuse of the free version. It is still a local project.

Tanks for your help.

What have you tried to do when this message popped up? There is no limitation on Kirby. Wondering if this is a Local Storage issue…

Is there more information in your browser console?

It happens each time I try to edit anything in the panel : create a page, change a radio button, checkboxes, write anything in any field, change colors.

In the console I get an error : DOMException: The quota has been exceeded.

Ok I solved the problem by clearing all local data of the browser.

Thanks for your help

Oddly, i just saw this myself for the first time ever when changing a toggle in a structure field (Useing Firefox).

Interesting. Do these pages have a lot of content? Or is Local Storage just never cleared and adds up? Just with Kirby stuff or other stuff as well?

My Local storage / sessions / cookies etc were empty, and its really not a heavy site with lots of content. I saw this in the site page, and its a structure field that edits the sites main menu.

Im using Firefox Developer Edition.

Strange. I’m using the same browser.

Hm, maybe related to this if this happens locally?

I don’t really think this is Kirby related.

Yes, it feels like a recent browser bug to me.