Can't select file blueprint

Hello again :wave: I want to add an textfield to every file in my page.
My Setup:
site → blueprints → files → type.yml


title: Typeface

    label: Text
    type: text

But there is no text field in my files, and I can’t select a file template.
This page has no blueprint setup yet
So I have to reference the file-blueprint inside my project-blueprint?
The file is a .ttf
I’ve tried .jpg

In this reference its named blueprint → file
Here its blueprints → files
I also renamed everything and reloaded the files.


It should be the /blueprints/files folder.

You have to define the template to be used in your files section, where you upload the files.

For an example, check out the pages/album.yml blueprint; this is the images section from that blueprint:

        type: files
        layout: cards
        template: image
        info: "{{ file.dimensions }}"
          ratio: 5/4
          cover: true
        min: 1
        size: small

It uses the template option to set the image files blueprint.

There is no way to “select” a blueprint on file upload (like you can when you create a new page).

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