Can you fix our blog?

Hi there,
we are at the point that we need external support from a kirby-savvy freelancer. This is what we have:

  • Multilingual Kirby setup, Kirby 2.4
  • Plugin: Google Analytics
  • 5+ user accounts / editors
  • HTML / CSS is quite fine

This is what we can’t do alone: PHP, backend, data stuff – in detail:

  • Refine blog templates
    • enable publishing in only one language, not necessarily the default language
    • blog overview: list only blog posts of respective language + pagination
    • publishing possible via panel
  • all pages: hide not translated pages for SEO reasons
  • improve sitemap to not list not translated pages
  • improve language switch (footer) to no show untranslated languages

How long does it take? At what price point?

Please contact me (DM in this forum) for further details or if you like to look into the codebase. In English or German.

Best, Martin

Thanks all for contacting me and sending quotations. We have decided for a developer to support us.