Bulk field in the planning - Titles or uris?

I’m planning a page create bulk field where it creates children by an enter separated textarea. I’m not sure of what approach is the best. Maybe you can help me out?

In the textarea…

1. Titles

About us


2. Uris


What about titles in general with optional URIs? Like

About us
Contact [find-us]
Projects [prj]/Project 1
Projects [prj]/Project 2 [prod2]

I.e. the URIs in brackets. (I’m not sure about the syntax though)

What’s the use case for that field? Who do you think should use it? The developer? The editor?


Both I guess? My case was that I needed to mass create pages from a Wordpress site to Kirby (gratis-smslån.se). Both my suggestion would have worked in that case.

I needed to create them manually in that case. Much back and forth.


I feel like it’s quite much overhead to do what you suggest. Hard to remember that syntax and longer time to create the pages.

If you really want to do it in a way that you can create a complete tree structure, you would need the path information. Also, you need to know what template to use.

For the use case of exporting pages from another CMS, I’d do it programmatically from the database, not by using a field in the panel.

I had about 20 pages and I think I saved some time by just add them manually. I also had a new different structure using routes, other fields etc. But for like 100 pages I agree with an export / import.

In other cases I just know that I need to create 8 empty pages to fill them later. In that case my field would be useful?

In that case I guess having only the titles is the better way. Moste editors might even don’t care about the URI or even don’t know that a page has one (since the just use the navigation in the front end and panel and never read the browser’s address bar).

Anyway having an optional way of changing the URI on creation could help developers and for them it us in unusual to remember syntaxes. (Furthermore on can ad a help:/info: in the blueprint.