BlocksField extendable?


i am trying to extend the BlocksField as described here Fields | Kirby CMS which doesn’t work for me.

It turns out there is no according config/field/blocks.phh which leads to an error (trying to call xyz on undefined). As this file isn’t there i am wondering if it should be generally possible to extend the blocks field.

What i am trying to achieve is to add a button at the bottom to add new blocks. Equally to


which is often available at pages und files fields.

Did anyone manage to extend the blocks field and could help out?

Thanks in advance, Thomas E.-E.

any thoughts on this @texnixe ?

I meanwhile manage to extend the BlocksField vue component:

    "k-blocks-field": DrBlocksField,



export default {
  extends: 'k-blocks-field',
  props: {
    addblock: {
      type: Boolean,
      default: true

which works perfectly fine, but as soon as i try to extend the backend part i get weird error:

    'fields' => [
        'blocks' => [
            'extends' => 'blocks',
            'props' => [
                'addblock' => function (bool $addblock = true) {
                    return $addblock;

Appreciate your input on this issue,

Thanks in advance, Thomas E.-E.

See Cannot extend existing field - #7 by rasteiner

that helped, thank a lot!