Blocks field usability thoughts

After editing some articles and long-form text with the cool, new Blocks field editor I’ve noticed some details I would like to share.

I have noticed I always have to think about it for a second, which is the right button to choose in the small toolbar.

The first pencil icon is clear, the three following buttons are not so clear to my eye. Let me explain this further.

Especially the last sort button looks very similar to the third ›More‹ button, which probably makes it a bit more difficult to distinguish between them.

Also the ›Add‹ button with the plus-icon sometimes has the meaning of more in some other apps and UIs. So it might be not so clear what it does for some editors at first glance either.

Now, if we remove the sort button for a moment, everything becomes more clear already.

We can take this a step further, when we place the ›Add‹ button at the bottom center of the block. I think it’s really intuitive then, what kind of action it will perform.

Then we are left with only two clear options in the upper right toolbar, ›edit‹ the block or show the ›more‹ dropdown settings.

Maybe the sort button can be placed in a similar style we know it already from the files field.

The following image shows a quick mockup of these thoughts.
Please also note the ›Insert before/after‹ icons in the dropdown. I have roughly included the plus-icon there in order to make the add-context action more clear. (By just looking at the current up-down-icons it could also mean sort the block up or down)

Hope this kind of feedback is helpful and that it’s okay to post it here.
Would love to hear your thoughts on this topic.

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I think the better place for your suggestions would be the feedback channel,

Maybe post there with a link to this topic to avoid having to repeat yourself.

Thanks @pixelijn, I have overlooked that the feedback channel is also a good place for smaller suggestions like this one.