[beta.3] Retour for Kirby 3 - Redirect management and 404 tracking



@distantnative It works well, a couple of quick observations

  1. When clicking the + on the fails row it wasn’t clear I had switched to the redirects screen. I clicked again and it asked if I wanted to delete, I thought this was the fails, not the redirect.
  2. I can’t seem to be able to set up a home redirect.
    • putting in / doesn’t redirect at all, shows the home content which is default, but title shows ‘error’ and fails count goes up
    • leaving it blank results in a white screen with no content.

Edit: I was able to redirect home with a 301, not 200 which I had before. 200 appears to work redirecting anywhere but home.


I added for both issues so I can keep better track in them

No 1: I get it and will try to find ways to make this clearer.
No 2: I have to check all the details of it. Part of it is that 200 is not a redirect code, only those in the 3xx range are. So it won’t redirect but either deliver a page instead at the current path with the code or fail with the code. Though I need to check what’s happening with the title and the track count. Also never thought about a redirect of / as I thought, you’d rather set the Kirby home option.


Sounds great.

Your plugin is flagging many failures for URLs, finding where those urls are is interesting. :thinking:

It is amusing to see wp-login.php as a common failure


You mean it is wrongly flagging requests as failures or it’s correctly flagging failures but you are surprised where these failing requests are coming from?


Donno, this feels high for 2 days



Seems it keeps failing on some of the normal content, but really not sure why or whatever, everything shows ok on the pages, and the referrer being the homepage … I don’t want to blame the plugin until I know for sure its not my site (its complex)


Oh boy, indeed. That doesn’t look right. And from the screenshot it looks like all these paths are media files (in the media folder)?

Edit: And I will blame the plugin :wink: This really needs more testing in real-life situations like yours to figure out reliable ways to track those fails.


Or maybe the plugin isn’t to blame here: Look what the console displays on your home page. There really seem to be a lod of media files that cannot be loaded and produce fails:

Today I actually understood what you mean and fixed it: In the next beta you can put / in the “Redirect to” field and it will be resolved with the home page. The thing with the status codes is still: Everything in the 3xx range will actually be redirected, other codes will lead to the page being returned but under the same old URL with this particular status code. I’d say for the vast majority of cases, you should go for a 3xx code.

New beta will handle this better: Clicking the + on the fails row takes you to the redirects screen with the form opened and the path prefilled. If you click add on the bottom right, the new redirect is added. If you click cancel, it gets discarded.


How bizarre, I have honestly checked this out tons but doesn’t occur for me. Hmmm…


For me both in Safari and Chrome. And they all seem to be media files with @2x in the name.


@distantnative Oh that sounds like a retina thing … I use windows, so will explain why I have not seen it. Does the site render ok for you?

The updates in the next beta sound good :slight_smile:


Yes, but with the normal images. Since I cannot find the @2x image paths in the source code with a quick cmd+F, I assume those request arise from one of your JS plugins/scripts.

Edit: maybe the retina.min.js? :wink:


Yea it will be that one, I will remove it I think until I can find a way to make Kirby present retina images