Best practice for setting up user generated/renameable tags?

Often a client will want to be able to define a list of tags that can be used across the site via a query option for a field.

The main issue arises if they want to rename a tag that’s already been set throughout. Thus I would normally define a tags page whose children have unique ids (previously via autoid) and can thus be renamed at will without breaking all the existing relationships. However, this process is fairly tedious: create page, set publish status, go back, create page …

I was thinking a structure + uuid could be more efficient, but from what I can tell, official uuid support in structured fields is underway with an undefined timeline, but autoid is EOL - so it’s a bit of a limbo situation of implementing an EOL/archived package while waiting.

I was wondering if there are other solutions I just haven’t thought of that allows for this, or how others are setting up this kind of tagging system in their Panels?

I think you can still use the AutoId plugin, just limit it to structures.

I think you could simplify adding new tags though with the Custom Add fields plugin: Custom Add Fields | Kirby CMS. Disable redirect, then auto-publish via a hook.

Maybe even add a pages section to the articles (or whatever) where tags can be selected.