Best practice for filtering Blog and Bookmarks

Hi there,

I’m working on a site for recipes that acts as a blog but also enables saving links of recipes from other sites as bookmarks. So far I have the recipes as pages inside a blog- parent page. The bookmarks are gathered in one structure field inside a single page.

Both bookmarks and recipes share the same global fields: “course” (multiselect), “season” (checkboxes) and “ingredients” (tags).

In the end I want to create a single array where both bookmarks and written recipes are mixed and then output a tagcloud / index of everything filtered according to ingredients, season and course.

What is the best way to approach this?

Is it right to use a structure field for the bookmarks? Would it be easier to filter and pluck the tags if the bookmarks were single pages instead of fields?

Thank you!

Both is possible and I’d use what is easiest to handle for you from a workflow perspective. If you store your bookmarks in a structure field rather than in single pages, you need a bit more code to combine them into a single collection, but doable.