Beginners Q: New files and folders created in certain apps on Mac won't render in Kirby


My apologies if this is a simple question. I am not even certain if it is a Kirby issue; I can’t work out what to google to even get close to a solution. If someone can even point me in the right direction I would be grateful.

I am running the local web server on my Mac and developing with Coda 2. When I create new folders and/or new text files in the content folder of Kirby using Coda the webpages will not render in Kirby. Most of the time the page still appears but without any content. If I recreate the folders in Finder, it works.

Similarly, yesterday I opened a content.txt file using Write (a text editor I often use for writing Markdown) and when I saved it from there, the page would no longer render. The solution is to copy the text from the file in BBEdit, delete the file, create a new file and paste the text in. It then works.

I have tried to look at encoding and line endings and they seem to be the same for all files (although I don’t know much about these things). What else could this be related to?

If I need to change apps then I can. Apologies if this is a basic lack of understanding and apologies if it isn’t related to Kirby.

Many thanks in advance.


I used to use Coda 2 a few years back and had to give up using it as my editor, which is a shame because it is a nice editor. Its to do with the way programs read and write and lock the file while you are working on it. This means the file system isn’t aware of changes to the file until you write the changes, and sometimes not even until you quit Coda. I actually contacted Panic about this at the time and the response was that they handle files as recommended by Apple and it was unlikely to change.

Ive edited files ok with Write in the past as well, so not sure what is going on for you there. You could try Ulysses (not free) or nvALT (free) or Mou (Free for now)

All i can suggest is use another editor such as Atom, Sublime or Visual Studio Code. However, if your used to Coda, then Espresso might be a better alternative.