Baltrum Sub-Menu

I have created sub-pages but they are not showing up as sub-menus with the Baltrum theme. Is there a way to enable sub-menus with this theme?

I don’t know the Baltrum theme, but I guess it has a menu snippet in the /site/snippets folder which you can adapt to your purposes.

For different types of menus, check out this blog post.

You will probably have to extend the stylesheet of the theme as well to style the submenu.

Addendum: Since we can’t possibly know all themes or plugins by third party developers, it helps if you add at least a link to the theme/plugin you are referring to. Also, for additional features or bugs, pls. contact the theme/plugin developer directly.

@texnixe i Think he mean this Theme

@thesmithy: Yes, I know, but it makes it easier if we don’t have to google stuff first.

@texnixe: Oh Okay, Thanks