Auth challenge edit email body?


I’ve been trying to use the password-reset auth challenge.
An issue that I have at the moment would be the e-mail body.
Since the users who reset their password aren’t allowed access to the panel, I’ve let them verify the challenge on the frontend.

The standard auth e-mail body mentions kirby panel access.
Which is something these users won’t get.
Is there a way to change / edit the e-mail body when creating a challenge and still include the code?

Thank you very much, this is exactly what I was looking for.

Now I have a different issue.
I’d like most of the text to be editable in the panel.
For this I have set up the following in the password-reset.html.php

Hallo <?= $user->nameOrEmail() ?>,

<?= $site->find('passwordreset')->precodetext()->kt() ?>

Der folgende Anmeldecode ist für die nächsten <?= $timeout ?> Minuten gültig:

<?= $code ?>

<?= $site->find('passwordreset')->postcodetext()->kt() ?>

<?= $site->find('passwordreset')->dataprotection()->kt() ?>

And receive the following error:

How can I use $site in the E-Mail templates?

Also maybe a bit of an unrelated side question:
Can I turn this template into an HTML E-Mail?

As the error message says, $site is just a string that contains the site title.

Try site()->find() instead.