Asterisk in Textfile

Hi there,

we build a small system with Kirby to use it as small CRM. Another Software uploads the text files directly to the content folder and all is working well. However, some fileds have something like this:

Format: Width 1200 * Height 300

All files where contains a “*” cannot be opened in the panel. A erro with “The JSON response from the API could not be parsed. Please check your API connection.” appears. Does anybody know why and how to solve this? Unfortunatelly we can’t escape the asterisk as the other software doesn’t allow us to change anything in the format …

Is this solved already? What was you solution?

Edit: I literally copy pasted Format: Width 1200 * Height 300 into one of my pages and both frontend and panel load ok. The problem is somewhere else - if you’re sure it’s the page content, post the whole file.

which Kirby version are you using?

Kirby 3.2.2 … hmmm seems to be a problem with the file uploaded from the other system. Also all “Umlaute” like ä,ü,ö are not working …

Maybe a wrong character encoding of the uploaded files (i.e. != UTF-8)? I can’t reproduce this either.

I think this will be the problem … puhhh this get’s hard to solve!

Have you already checked the character encoding of these files?

Not sure how to check this … is there a tool available or similar?

There are some suggestions here, including opening the file in firefox:

It seems that this information is not always 100% reliable, but just a best guess, but should give you an idea what be the issue.