Apache consuming CPU with calls to gettimeofday

I am using Kirby v1.

At certain points while users are using the site, apache2 processes consume 100% cpu and make the machine very slow.
Doing strace on the apache process shows that gettimeofday is using 100% of the time.
Is this a known issue? If so, is it fixed in Kirby 2, and if not, any ideas on how to fix this?

Have you tried it with Kirby 2.1?

Trying to do that :smile:
Some of the folks who use the panel are flustered from the panel changes in v2, so we reverted back to v1 for now.
I will post back if I see the same issue with v2 once it gets a bit more use.

Out of interest: any specific changes, you could name, that confuse them?

They are somewhat older in age and got used to the way it was. When they looked at v2 it was a big shock for them.
In terms of what caused the shock effect, I didn’t get any specific feedback, but looking at v1 and v2 side by side I would say the style/color changes and the position of certain buttons and elements were the most major changes. The larger width of the left panel (when editing a page) may have also thrown them off a bit.