Alternate Merging of Two Page Arrays

Is there an easy way to merge two Page Arrays the following way:

Array One: X X X X X
Array Two: O O O O O

Mixed: X O X O X O X O X O

So far I’ve tried

 $mixed = new Pages(array($one, $two));

 $mixed = $one->merge($two);

Both of them just append one array after the other.

Mixed: X X X X X O O O O O

Any idea for a simple solution?

With a simple for-loop? I don’t know of any other solution…

$merged = [];
for ($i=0; $i < count($one); $i++){ 
    $merged[] = $one[$i];
    $merged[] = $two[$i];

You should make sure that $one and two both have the same length.

I found this:

I get the following error trying that:

Fatal error: Cannot use object of type Children as array

I get the following error:

Warning: array_shift() expects parameter 1 to be array, object given

Try to convert the page collection to array first:

$one = $page->children()->toArray();
// etc.

Not tested.

got that far earlier, but couldn’t figure out how to create pages out of the array again. Any idea?

No need to convert to an array, since the class used for page collections already has methods for iterating and getting pages from a collection.

For instance, as a controller:


return function($site, $pages, $page) {

   $collection = pages();
   $group1 = $site->find('section1')->children()->limit(10);
   $group2 = $site->find('section2')->children()->limit(10);
   $max    = max($group1->count(), $group2->count());

   for ($i = 0; $i < $max; $i++) {
      if ($p1 = $group1->nth($i)) {
      if ($p2 = $group2->nth($i)) {

   return ['collection' => $collection];



Oh yes, of course :slight_smile:

Perfect, thanks alot!