Addpixel comments plugin not working live

the comments plugin from “Addpixel” is working fine locally with MAMP but it doesn’t on my site on the server. Its just not there!

The containing div “comments” shows up, but it is empty with a height of 0.
The comments form doesn’t get rendered at all, although the files are present on the server.

No comment section.

Maybe its my set up:

  • The Kirby-installation is in a sub folder of the main folder.
  • The server is using PHP7
  • It is hosted on hosteurope where there is a restriction of the htaccess-file to mod_rewrite only.

Maybe my Kirby folder strucute is wrong? I have used the startekit and threw everything out except the blog which I modifyed to my needs. On the other hand: Everything works fine locally.

Edit: So basically the snippet for the comments doesn’t make it from the plugins/ Snippet Folder to the dom/ page.

Edit: new URL

What does the plugins folder look like on the server?

Everything seems to be there. I only use these two plugins. This is the plugins folder on the server:

Its supposed to be in the plugins folder like that, right?

Although I can’t say this will necessarily fix your problem, I would start by renaming the Comments folder to comments (all lowercase).

Yes! You nailed it!

Thank you very much indeed!

PS: I just can’t let go with german Gram… grammar.:wink:

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You will be more happy if you do not use any capital letters in file and folder names anymore. Unix systems are case sensitive, so a folder called Comments does not have the same name as the comments.php file inside it, and the plugin will not get loaded at all.

I try to control it, but its just stronger than me sometimes…:wink: