Adding custom item to page settings

Dear all!
I’m new to the development with kerby. However, my first site runs well.
Now, I’d like to add an item to the page settings that is similar to the status. So the user should have the possibility to use the left sided page settings to declare site specific settings, e.g. ‘visible only for those users that are logged in’ (yes / no). This page setting may be used for the generation of the navigation.
Where do I start? Can you help me?
Thank you very much, ketanest

I think your best option is to use a field for that purpose. Otherwise, you would have to modify the core files. If you create a custom field, you could use javascript to place the toggle button in the sidebar.

Here’s an example field where this is done.

Thank you, texnixe! Your example looks like what I was searching. I will try to modify it for my purpose!