Adding a new entry (key and value) to a collection / object

Hello everyone,

so I have this collection from a locator field:

$location = $entry->locator()->toLocation();
dump( $location->content() );


Kirby\Cms\Content Object
    [lat] => 18.96667
    [lon] => 72.83333
    [number] => 
    [city] => 
    [country] => India
    [postcode] => 
    [address] => Mumbai

All I want to do is to add for example the following at the end of this:

[mykey] => My Value

So then I’ll be able to use it like:


But how?
Thank you!

Where do you want to fill in the additional field? 1) In the panel, so that a user can manually enter a value? Or 2) automatically after saving so that it is stored to the content file? Or 3) when the website is being rendered, e.g in a controller?

And if 3), do you want to use field methods with this new field? Or is it enough to just have the field values?

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In my case it’s:

  1. when the website is being rendered, e.g in a controller


Field methods would be cool, but just having the value would also be good.

I just tried this, but it seems to erase the keys :frowning:

$location = $entry->locator()->yaml();
$location['mykey'] = 'My Value';
$location = new Collection($location);

Having the bare values would be quite easy:

$location = $page->locationField()->yaml();
$location['new-field'] = 'New Value';
dump( $location );
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it seems to erase the keys :frowning:

Collections don’t have keys, they are just lists of items, not key => value pairs.

Instead of creating a new Collection, maybe you can just update the Content:

$location = $page->locationField()->toLocation();
$location = $location->update(['new-field' => 'New value']);
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I think i will just go with an associative array as you suggested here. That’ll work for me. I still wonder though if there’s a cool and easy way to add entries to a kirby collection.


The result of $entry->locator()->toLocation(); is not a collection object but a Kirby\Cms\StructureObject object, i.e. a single element in a Kirby\Cms\Structure Object.

And if you call $location->content() you end ob with a Kirby\Cms\Content object, which is not a collection type object either.

In general, objects are immutable in Kirby, which means they cannot be changed. But of course, you can create new objects, for example:

  $location = $entry->locator()->toLocation();
  // get the content object from the StructureObject object and convert to array
  $content = $location->content()->toArray();
  // add an item to the array
  $content['mykey'] = 'somekey';
  // create new content object from that array
  $content = new Kirby\Cms\Content($content);
  // then you can echo the field object like normal
  echo $content->mykey();

If this has any advantage for your use case over just using the array, that's something you have to decide.