Add the PHP version at the site options

I think, it would be fine to add the PHP version at the Panel’s site options

The code can look like:

PHP version: <?php echo phpversion(); ?>

This can help every admin, to know the exact PHP version, the webserver is using.

What do you think?

I like it! In fact we could even show more info there. GD version, ImageMagick version, etc. I’m not sure if it should be visible by default as some clients will see this screen as well, but it could be an optional feature.


We could put the info into an accordion (like “more information”). Then it also doesn’t use that much space.

And: We could let plugins register their information as well. That info would simultaneously be passed to Whoops for its debugging data list.


Maybe the word “version” could be omitted?! So instead of …

Kirby version: 2.4.0
Panel version: 2.4.0

… only …

Kirby: 2.4.0
Panel: 2.4.0