503 error in panel


For some templates I have a lots of 503 error in my panel.
How to find the problem ?

Is there anything special about these pages, like lots of images, subpages, excessive template code?

Not really.
For now, I downgrade/switch to php 7.4, it’s look better (but maybe it’s just because I reboot Apache/Php…).

503 errors can be caused by a lot of stuff, usually when a server gets too much traffic, but can also be caused by errors in your template code.

It’s a local web server for just me.

What are you using as local dev server?

Then you should have access to the web server log files and should consult these. Server errors (those starting with 5…) are always reported in the web server error log.

My local server is a Nas.

Well, I guess you have an Apache web server running on a NAS. Nevertheless there should be log files as @Adspectus already wrote which might be worth a look.

Problem is back !
I found this in my nas log :
FastCGI: incomplete headers (0 bytes) received from server "/default-php-5d177297-55b1-4c94-bf0d-e43319992dd8", referer:

The website is working but the panel is hard to use… I reboot my server and try different php/apache version :frowning:

What about your memory_limit/max_execution_time settings?

I try memory 512M/max_exec 2400

And that doesn’t help either?

You said in your initial post that you only have this problem on some pages in the Panel? Are you trying to load hundreds of images/subpages?

For now it was not 503 but 500… so I clean media/panel folder and it’s look OK.

And today, it’s a lot of 500 error… “The JSON response could not be parsed” in my panel
from this line : this.$api.get('pages/' + this.pageId.replace('/', '+')).then() from my custom block plugin… refresh x times to get the panel works.

Hm, hard to tell if that is an issue with your server configuration or something wrong with your code. Do you have a chance to set this project up in a local dev environment like Valet, Mamp or the like on your computer or on a remove server to check if you also get the same errors there?

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OK, so it’s look OK online, nothing wrong but not on my local network 500, 503.

2022-06-07T13:56:19+02:00 nas [Tue Jun 07 13:56:19 2022] [error] [client] File does not exist: /var/services/web/assets, referer:

2022-06-07T13:58:38+02:00 nas [Tue Jun 07 13:58:38 2022] [error] [client] (104)Connection reset by peer: FastCGI: comm with server "/default-php-c955c07d-aa67-4013-bcda-4189fb9a1f34" aborted: read failed