404 on index.php

hi. i was just wondering, why the
is not found (404), while the url https://www.edition-herre.de/
links to the homepage.

what do I have to do to link https://www.edition-herre.de/index.php
to the homepage too.

kind regard. christian

It doesn’t really make sense to have the same content available under different URLs.

Why do you want to achieve this?

The reason why this happens is because every link to index.php goes to Kirby’s router and links to scripts are no available.

I relaunched the site and https://www.edition-herre.de/index.php was the former
starting page. some users bookmarked the URL and get now after relaunch a 404.


You could solve it with a route.

'routes' => [
    'pattern' => 'index.php',
    'action'  => function () {

thank you. this works fine.