2.4.0 beta 2: Permission like "panel.page.sort" is missing

I have installed a new starterkit 2.3.2, then changed the kirby and panel directory with the downloaded zip’s with “Kirby 2.4.0 beta 2”.
Then I have added two “Project” pages to be able to play with it in the panel.

In the file site/roles/editor.php I have added:

    'panel.page.sort' => false,

1.) If a user with this role enters the following panel page,

he/she can sort the subpages “Project A” to “Project D” per “Drag and Drop”.

2.) If a user with this role enters the following panel page,

he/she can change the position of the subpage Project C after a click at “Status: visible” in the following dialog.

@bastianallgeier, I don’t know, what you want to implement here.

Only for a test: I have tried to use

    panel.page.visibility' => false,

instead to hide the way at “1.)”, but it does not work for me to avoid sorting. This hides only the way at “2.)”.
Hint: This last test also deletes the permission to change the visibility of a page, what is ok.

Where did you find that option?

It does not work, because the option does not exist.

For a test in this beta phase, I wanted to disalow a role to change the sorting of pages. Therefore I tested arround and have found, what I have written.

For files there is the option “panel.file.sort” availible. As you have written on an another forum page, the Docs are also beta. So I had made a guess, which may be wrong for the wording of this permission.

Or, may be, such a permission is not availible…

I think, a way to set such a permission should not be missing, may be with a different name or way to set it.

As I said, the permission itself does not exist (or at least, I can’t find it in the source code).

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Thanks for you answer.

Therefore I have changed the title of this post. We will see, what @bastianallgeier will decide, because as said

  panel.page.visibility' => false,

does not work for me to avoid sorting at 1.).